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AIRHAWK®s unsurpassed comfort means you will enjoy longer periods of sitting while better focusing on the tasks at hand. Our clinically proven and patented Air Cell Technology is the key: Each AIRHAWK® is made of many individual and interconnected cells which transfer air from chamber-to-chamber and evenly distribute your weight by conforming to your unique body shape. Improving the quality of life for thousands of individuals around the world and unlike regular chair cushions, the AIRHAWK® Office Chair Cushion balances your weight across the entire seating area. Simply put, this means you’re alleviating undue stress around your bottom and tailbone. The system works by using a matrix of inflatable air cells inside the cushion, which offers extended comfort and support without sacrificing stability. This cushion helps eliminate painful pressure points and the “pins and needles” sensations that can be uncomfortable and distracting at work.

Patented Air Cell Technology bladder made of durable polyurethane
Spandex cover with breathable sides and non-skid bottom
40 years of medically proven technology validated through clinical research and patient studies
System improves posture and perfectly matches your body’s shape and contour
Time-tested, premium ergonomics for all day comfort
Allows your body to reset while sitting

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    AIRHAWK® Seat Cushion

    • Measures 19″L X 17″W
    • U.S. Patent number 10,646,049 Issued May 12, 2020
    • Includes- Insert, Cover, Hand Pump
    Full Description

    AIRHAWK® Seat Cushion

    Turn ANY Chair into an Ergonomically Comfortable Seat


    Whether at the office or at home, we are spending more time than even before seated at our desk – which leaves us vulnerable health problems associated with the back, spine and nerve centers of the body.   To help everyone enjoy better health and greater comfort as we work, AIRHAWK® Office Chair Cushions use our patented AIR CELL TECHNOLOGY – small, adjustable interconnected air cells – to distribute weight and alleviate pressure over the entire seating area, reducing the “hot spots” (the pressure points of your bottom and your tailbone) that cause aches and pains or more serious sitting-related conditions.


    Our Office Chair Cushion is designed to deliver both relief and comfort by perfectly matching your body’s shape and contour, then distributing pressure over the entire seating area.  This greatly improves blood flow, which delivers an unprecedented level of comfort.  With the importance of ergonomic office seating at an all-time high, the AIRHAWK® is a revolutionary investment in your everyday health.


    A pioneer and leader in the industry since 1973, AIRHAWK®’s manufacturing process has been medically-tested and scientifically proven with more than 50 Single-Patient Studies, 20 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals, and 20 Hospital and Home-Care-Based Studies, all confirming what our customers already know – that nothing lets you sit longer with greater comfort than an AIRHAWK® office chair cushion.


    It’s advanced seating comfort for everyone who works behind a desk.  Your long day of work just got easier, thanks to the AIRHAWK® ® ergonomic office chair seat cushion.


    AIRHAWK® products are proudly made in the USA. The company stands behind its products and we offer a 60-Day Money Back Policy. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of an AIRHAWK® air cushion for any reason, you may return it to the original seller within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

    U.S. Patent number 10,646,049 Issued May 12, 2020