Why and How
AirHawk’s Technology Works

  • Scientifically Proven
  • The interconnected air cells work as mini shock absorbers
  • Adjustability of inflation
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The air hawk for my saddle seat is now 14 yrs old and in great shape - Best thing I ever did for my comfort for long rides!!!!! Enabled me to keep my original harley seat on my 98 springer so I can keep it original!! If you have a place online for testimonial send tome and I will put in a good word. Thanks again for bringing to Sturgis 2015 for me to pick up!! It is on the bike for ride to the bad lands today!

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Get Comfortable

Air Technology Makes Long Rides Enjoyable After a long day of riding, no one wants to walk like a bow-legged cowboy from a bad Spaghetti Western. AirHawk International’s comfort seating…
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New & Cool Product Spotlight

“Three years ago, Airhawk and Danny Gray teamed up to create Harley-Davison saddles that combine Airhawk’s patented air cell technology wit Danny Gary’s patented Independent Suspension Technology (IST)…” See the…
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