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AIRHAWK Office Chair Seat Cushion

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    AIRHAWK® Office/Car Chair Cushion- Mesh (replaces Nylon cover)

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AIRHAWK®s unsurpassed comfort means you will enjoy longer periods of sitting while better focusing on the tasks at hand. Our clinically proven and patented Air Cell Technology is the key: Each AIRHAWK® is made of many individual and interconnected cells which transfer air from chamber-to-chamber and evenly distribute your weight by conforming to your unique body shape. Improving the quality of life for thousands of individuals around the world and unlike regular chair cushions, the AIRHAWK® Office Chair Cushion balances your weight across the entire seating area. Simply put, this means you're alleviating undue stress around your bottom and tailbone. The system works by using a matrix of inflatable air cells inside the cushion, which offers extended comfort and support without sacrificing stability. This cushion helps eliminate painful pressure points and the "pins and needles" sensations that can be uncomfortable and distracting at work.

  • Patented Air Cell Technology bladder made of durable polyurethane
  • Spandex cover with breathable sides and non-skid bottom
  • 40 years of medically proven technology validated through clinical research and patient studies
  • System improves posture and perfectly matches your body’s shape and contour
  • Time-tested, premium ergonomics for all day comfort
  • Allows your body to reset while sitting