AIRHAWK Office Chair Seat Cushion

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  • Airhawk Office Chair Seat Cushion

    • Shape Fitting Design Technology®
    • Dry Floatation Design Technology®
    • Measures 19″L X 17″W
    Full Description

    Airhawk Office Chair Seat Cushion

    AIRHAWK ® uses DRY FLOATATION DESIGN TECHNOLOGY®, which has been medically-tested and scientifically proven with 50 Single-Patient Studies, 20 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals, and 20 Hospital and Home-Care-Based Studies, to distribute weight and pressure over the entire cushion, reducing the “hot spots” (the pressure points of your bottom and your tailbone) that cause aches and pains. Coupled with AIRHAWK’s ® Shape Fitting Design Technology®, is designed to perfectly match body, shape and contour. By distributing pressure over the seated area, blood flow is enhanced achieving your precise level of comfort. For over 40 years, this medically proven dynamic comfort system has improved by quality of life by providing comfort and protection, which allows the seat to adjust to your contour thereby eliminating painful pressure points and maximizing your seating comfort, this office cushion is a revolutionary investment in your everyday health! They’re the “must-haves” of the modern office space