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Forget Memory Foam Cushions and Gel Seat Cushions –
Here’s Why Airhawk® is Better


This photo illustrates the difference between seat cushions that use Air Cell Technology and ordinary memory foam or gel cushions.

Do you see the red and yellow areas in the standard cushion on the left? Those are uncomfortable “pressure points” that cause pain after hours of sitting. Now, look at the Airhawk® cushion on the right.

As you can see, there are NO pressure points. Air Cell Technology evenly distributes your weight for improved circulation and comfort.

Why Choose Airhawk® Seat Cushions with Air Cell Technology?

  • Evenly distributes body weight to keep you comfortable during extended periods of riding or sitting
  • Helps with the prevention and healing of certain common types of ulcers
  • Air Cell Technology doesn’t degrade or lose shape over time, unlike cushions made with gels and foams
  • Scientifically tested and proven effective in 100+ medical trials and papers

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