Sleepmatterzzz® Classic Dual-Valve Cervical Pillow - Queen - Airhawk

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Sleepmatterzzz® Classic Dual-Valve Cervical Pillow – Queen

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Sleepmatterzzz Dual-Valve Cervical Pillow is engineered with patented Air Cell Technology in order to reduce pressure points, maintain blood flow, and promote proper spinal alignment throughout the night. The Dual Valve Sleepmatterzzz Pillow configuration has two zones of adjustability and allows you to independently adjust the neck support cells from the overall comfort cells. Zone One gently conforms to the head and Zone Two offers complete control of cervical support.
  • Adjusts automatically as sleeping positions change
  • Ideal cervical spine support for a perfect night’s sleep
  • Easy twist-to-open valve allows for an adjustable, customized fit
  • Includes cover, inflation pump & instructions
  • MEASURES 15″ X 26”

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 31 × 5 in

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